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John Deere

Horse Power

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John Deere – R4044 Sprayer

  • List price N/A
  • Horse Power

Key Features

  • 1,200 gallon (4,500L) tank
  • Cover more ground with up to 132-foot boom
  • 9-percent lighter weight than R4045 Sprayer
  • Travel over hills, wet spots, and soft ground easier with CommandDrive™ all-wheel drive system
  • Enjoy a quieter ride and fuel savings compared to previous models thanks to the CommandDrive™ system

John Deere – 1050K Crawler Dozer

  • List price N/A
  • Horse Power

Key Features

  • Net Power: 261 kW (350 hp) at 1,800 rpm
  • Operating Weight: 42,800–43,100 kg (94,300–95,000 lb.)
  • Track on Ground: 3,419 mm (134.6 in.)

John Deere – 872G/GP Motor Grader

  • List price N/A
  • Horse Power

Key Features

  • Net Power: 224 kW (300 hp)
  • Operating Weight: 21 600 kg (47 620 lb)
  • Blade Pull: 22 453 kg (49 500 lb.)
  • Net Torque Rise: 46%

John Deere – 672G/GP Motor Grader

  • List price N/A
  • Horse Power

Key Features

  • Net Power: 190 kW (255 hp)
  • Operating Weight: 20 000 kg (44 092 lb)
  • Blade Pull: 22 453 kg (49 500 lb.)
  • Net Torque Rise: 50%

John Deere – 870G/GP Motor Grader

  • List price N/A
  • Horse Power

Key Features

  • Net Power: 209 kW (280 hp)
  • Operating Weight: 20 715 kg (45 668 lb)
  • Blade Pull: 15 501 kg (34,173 lb.)
  • Net Torque Rise: 53%

John Deere – 622G/GP Motor Grader

  • List price N/A
  • Horse Power

Key Features

  • Net Power: 168 kW (225 hp)
  • Operating Weight: 19 100 kg (42 109 lb)
  • Blade Pull: 20 412 kg (45 000 lb.)
  • Net Torque Rise: 38%

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