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What is Worksight Solutions?

Putting Technology To Work

Technology is changing every day. Machines are more capable and more efficient than ever before. We now have more control and knowledge over every piece of equipment. Partnering with James River Equipment’s Worksight Solutions puts you at the forefront of these new technological applications.

With JDLinkTM, you can monitor each piece of equipment on multiple job sites from your own tablet. With Fleet Monitoring, we will keep an eye on the condition of all your equipment and alert you if a potential issue arises. Machine Control can help you grade faster and more efficiently by utilizing technology that makes your machines work more precisely. Our Tech Support will partner with your team to train and troubleshoot any issues that may come up. And the Kespry Aerial Intelligence System will map out your entire jobsite. It can accomplish what used to take weeks, in just a matter of hours.

At James River Equipment, we are embracing technology. We want to partner with our clients to create less downtime and a more efficient jobsite.

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