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24/7 Parts Hotline

We are making a commitment to you, our customer, to deliver what you need when you need it most, 24/7 even when our offices are closed. You can now call our after-hours support line at 855-JRE-PART any time after normal business hours, and your call will be directed to your regional on call parts manager. This manager will then contact you regarding your parts request within thirty minutes of your initial request. After assessing the nature of your parts needs, you will determine with the JRE manager on call whether the part is required before office hours recommence. If the part receipt is deemed urgent, a nominal call out fee will be added to your invoice to cover the cost of a staff member’s travel to open a store. You will then be directed to your nearest after-hours parts locations for a pickup coordinated with the parts manager handling your case! Upon collection of your order, you will be given an invoice for the cost of your parts including your after-hours fee.

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Remanufactured Parts

When you have a construction project or mining job to run, you need your equipment up and running. Remanufactured construction & forestry parts are a great way to save money and time. Consider using remanufactured parts and components whenever you need a fast, affordable, and reliable parts solution.

Priced at approximately 50%-70% of the cost of retail parts, remanufactured components are the optimal low-cost repair alternative. When considering remanufactured components, there is only one way to ensure original OEM quality. At James River Equipment we source all remanufactured parts from an original equipment manufacturer.

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Hydrualics & Hoses

Our full-service Hydraulic Shop offers a quick turnaround on most hydraulic cylinders. We are equipped to handle large cylinders of all makes and models for complete cylinder repair, exchange cylinders*, and repair and replace most other hydraulic components. In addition to a savings of about 50% for choosing repair over new replacement, you won’t have to wait for a new part to come into the shop—we can start work immediately fixing your hydraulic system.

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Ground-Engaging Tools

When you are in the middle of a big mining job or construction project, you will do anything to avoid the downtime that can eat into your bottom line. Partnering with James River Equipment on ground engaging tool purchases means you're getting the parts faster, which means less downtime for your crew. Since we have over 25 stores throughout Virginia and the Carolinas, we have more inventory and more service specialists. We'll even deliver your order right to your worksite!