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Considering Rentals with James River Equipment?

Are you looking to lower your monthly equipment costs? Do you have a specialized, short-term job that requires special equipment? Are you just looking for a way to run with the latest capabilities? Renting may be the right choice for you when it comes to acquiring equipment for your jobsites. Leasing is a low-cost, low-risk alternative to purchasing your equipment or taking on an installment loan. James River Equipment will work with you to help you decide which rental equipment is right for you!

Why Choose JRE Rentals

First and foremost, James River Equipment is family owned and operated since 1926! We know the value of stewardship, community support, mutual respect and integrity. We'll treat you like family from beginning to end of your rental experience with us, including any service needed! Services on rental equipment are always performed by trustworthy Deere certified technicians. We have 50 plus technicians in the Charlotte market, alone, ready to help you minimize downtime! Reach out for more information today! With over $350 million-worth of equipment inventory, we're here for you as Your Working Partner!

Machine Families Available:

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